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Rexon UK are the sole authorised distributor for all Rexon Technology Corporation Transceivers and two way radio equipment in the United Kingdom, Northern and Southern Ireland.

 Rexon Digital Radio

"A very warm welcome to the Rexon UK website" We shook up the UK market some 11 years ago with the RL328 plus. The Rexon RL-D800 & RL-D800A professional digital radio now with digital shunting safety control built in as standard (no need for a separate hand microphone), 64 channels and improved audio continues to do so!  

The Rexon RL-D800 and the more advanced RL-D800A DMR digital handsets are the first of a range of class leading digital products. With an improved IP67+ water proof rating and better than 1.00 PPM stability. The Rexon RL-D800 is a superb class leading tier 1 and 11 DMR compact hand portable which is not only fully IP67 water proof but MIL SPEC 810, C, D, E, F also.

The emphasis at Rexon UK from the beginning is customer and dealer loyalty combined with products of high quality, functionality and durability. We have always been modest and thorough in our approach to customers and as such we have always been cost effective, now we aim to be even better. We try to keep our non essential operating costs low, our quality extremely high and our value superb. This quality and value is readily and easily discernable in all Rexon two way radio products, as such the RL-D800 and RL-D800A remain the ONLY digital portable radios with digital safety shunting tones built in. 

At Rexon we have worked extremely hard to develop analogue and digital products which are simply excellent.

The Rexon RL-D800 & RL-D800A are tier 1 and 11 DMR compatible digital radio with the ability to operate in both digital and analogue modes. The Rexon RL-D800 is fully compatible in terms of communication operation with the existing and new range of Rexon RL-300 series analogue radios and all other high quality DMR digital radios (tier 1 & 11). The new for 2017 RL-D800A has man down, voice record, safety voice record, GPS via the bespoke Rexon GPS mic all built in as standard.


The Rexon RL300 series launches in 2017

Rexon goes back to the future, analogue is not dead it is very much alive and kicking and at Rexon UK we are taking analogue radios to their ultimate pinnacle of operation and capability, as other manufacturers drop their analogue radios in a rush to migrate end users to digital often AT HUGE COST, we at Rexon simply continue to recognise that for many end users a top quality analogue radio is all that is needed.

Take a look at the picture (left) the first of the new for the UK Rexon RL300 analogue range, The RL300 case/cabinet was originally developed to be an IP67 compact dPMR hand portable, however the analogue receiver was found to be exceptional in analogue mode with only marginal enhancement whilst operating in dPMR. The decision was made to put an analogue version of that radio into production, a radio that performed superbly in terms of receiver sensitivity (possibly the most important part of any two way radio system operation) was incredibly well made with simple but extraordinarily reliable components (able to operate at twice the regulated/rated TX power as standard) and fully serviceable.

The Rexon RL300 is a compact professional analogue radio available in both UHF and VHF which carries on the Rexon tradition of offering outstanding battery capacity and performance. The new RL300 range comes as standard with a truly massive 2600 Mah lithium Ion battery and 28 hours of operation (possibly the second most important aspect of any two way radio system operation).

Water proof - IP57/67 water proof to 1 Meter for 30 minutes.

Superb receiver can outpace some digital radios.

♦ MIL Spec 810 C, D, E, F

Low energy consumption processor and circuits 

♦ Massive twin circuit 2600 Mah Lithium Ion battery, up to28 hours usage on full power at a 5/5/90 duty cycle!

♦ Compact ergonomically designed for digital cabinet/case with a deeper than standard audio chamber for truly loud clear audio, rated at 1000mW 

♦ Digitally coded squelch & CTCSS  & DTMF PTT Ident.

♦ Heavy duty allow chassis

Heavy duty screw in belt clip.

M1 2 pin audio accessory port with screw in cover (huge selection of audio accessories)


The Rexon RHP-530 air band portable


The VintageAirRally team have been using Rexon RHP 530 handheld transceivers for all of our communications throughout the rally. Indeed, it might not have been possible otherwise. The battery life is exceptional (we've not yet needed the backup batteries even after several days' use), and the range and quality greater than expected. The real win is the dual-watch function, allowing us to simultaneously monitor, and use, both the current ATC frequency and our internal 'chat' frequency - real time information management in a small, compact and light unit. Strong as well, one of the team dropped theirs from about 4m - nothing but a scratch!"

"Awesome bit of kit, absolutely awesome".

Sam Rutherford

Director, VintageAirRally (06/12/16)

Rexon UK and Rexon Taiwan were happy to assist the organisers of the Air Vintage Rally with their air band radio needs and we were delighted when they chose the Rexon RHP-530 air band radio for use throughout this amazing event. The Rexon RHP 530 utilises the chassis of the tried and tested RL328 series and shares batteries and chargers with that well proven pmr radio also. The organisers of the event required a tough, easy to use, ultra reliable air band handset with dual watch as standard and the Rexon RHP 530 was the "no brainer" air band radio of choice. The RHP 530 air band radio is now a stock item at Rexon UK.

Please visit www.vintageairrally.com for more information and check out the partners listing to find Rexon UK


The new RL120 shoulder worn PMR446 radio is a further sign of the innovation and clever design of Rexon PMR products, The RL120 is a compact radio worn high on the users shoulder with a highly tuned receiver and a tuned aerial PMR446 performance and worn on the shoulder (like a speaker microphone) the RL120 can lift receiver sensitivity by up to 16dB, that is up to 12 times more receive sensitive than other PMR446 and UK general (UHF 449) radios. In short the RL120 should go further that any other PMR446 radio whilst using less power and offering greater convenience. It is available as standard as an IP55 highly water resistant model, IP56 water proof and IP57 water proof versions. In effect the RL120 gives near digital like range performance without the digital cost.

available now for trials! 




For Your Information, The RL308, RL328 plus, RL328k, RL328S and RL328SK are now a specific order only item. The new and latest versions of the RL328S and RL328SK operate via sophisticated programming which allows for lone worker, emergency call, unique shunting safety tones and many more safety and operational features.

Rexon UK draws on five decades of pmr, dmr and two way radio experience and as such has understanding and considerable knowledge of the needs and requirements of both PMR/DMR & dPMR end users and professional dealers.

We carry the full range of original REXON parts and accessories to ensure that in the unlikely event of your radio breaking down, in normal use, then we can have it back up and running again in no time at all, 5 days is the current average repair time.           


  The only number you need to know, call - 01752 777788.

CALL:-  01752 777788
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