The new improved RL308 is the first Rexon without an LCD, with an even better receiver and a tuneable aerial supplied as standard along with a host of improvements  the Rexon RL-308 is even better value than before.

The Rexon RL308

UHF 400/440 to 470 MHz : VHF 136 -174 MHz 

The revised for 2014/15 Rexon RL-308 now meets IP55 and MIL Spec C,D,E & F, as does the whole of the revised RL-300 range of professional hand portable radios. The RL-308 has an even more sensitive receiver which when combined with its standard tuneable aerial gives superb coverage over the ground (VHF) or in buildings (UHF). Not only is the RL-308 now IP 55 rated but it remains full serviceable and repairable.    

The new and revised Rexon RL-308 is the result of a further year of development which has created an even more solid, well proportioned (122mm high), hand portable which is similar in size and feel to the new revised RL-328S and RL-328SK. A new raised collar design protects the on/off volume switch, whilst the larger channel selector makes changing channel a snip. Audio output at a full 500 mW at a low ohmic value gives an audio output similar to that of radios claiming double the mW audio output. The RL-308 has revised compander and whisper technology enabling the RL308 to communicate in all conditions. 

The RL308 comes standard with a new light weight, advanced, green 1700Mah Lithium Polymer battery helping to keep the RL308 weight down to an easy to use 260 grams. All of the Rexon battery options are available including the class leading 2100 Mah Lithium Polymer battery and the massive 3000 Mah Lithium Polymer battery. All batteries and chargers are fully compatible throughout and between the revised Rexon RL-300 range of professional hand portables.  

A comprehensive set of programmable features enables the RL308 to operate in almost any existing 5 tone selcall system, each radio can be called individually, as a group or as an all call. The RL308 can be programmed on to a full selcall system, a part selcall system so as to allow PTT ident and lone worker to work effectively or simply as a tone controlled handset. Some of the revised RL-308 features and functions are indicated below.

• 16 groups of 16 channels up to 256 channels all of which can be scanned • 2 & 5 Tone selcall • DTMF : enc/dec • Channel scan - busy/priority/dual  • MIL Spec 810 C, D, E & F: IP55 • PTT ident: 2tone/5tone/dtmf • Full side button selcall : 5tone with call alarm • BCLO : BTLO : TOT : TOTP • Power save • Squelch level setting • Lone worker • Emmergency call • Whsiper/compander • Multi point inversion scrambler• Voice annunciation • VOX • DCS • CTCSS • Hi/Low power • Turbo power for emergency communications.

Additionally the RL308 has a number of highly advanced options which really set this Rexon apart from the competition. Carrying on from the innovative RL328S a new mark 2 blue tooth module can be

built into the RL308, no messy external dongles, no extra set of dongle charging leads, no easy breakages to the external dongle, no lost or stolen dongles. Even better select your blue tooth head set and we can trim and align our blue tooth module to the exact and best operational parameters of your chosen headset. Alernatively a man down module can be fitted which in conjuction with advanced software programming can ensure the safety of any operative in the most hazardous circumstance.

No Rexon analogue radio/model redundancy, when we first introduced the Rexon RL-328 in 2005 it was supplied as standard with a class leading split load 2000Mah lithium Ion battery whilst most radio made do with 1300 Mah or less as standard. Every charger, battery, belt clip and audio accessory is interchangeable with all Rexon pre 2015 design RL-300 analogue models irrespective of age, therefor the very latest Lithium Polymer batteries will fit the oldest RL328 models. The new RL308 deploys the worlds most popular (I1) 2 pin audio accessory socket ensuring that a massive range of audio devices and accessories are always available. For compatibility information please call the number below. 
All RL308 models are UK specific order only 

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