The RL328 was co-designed in the UK by dealers with over 52 years PMR experience.,

Revised for 2014/15 Rexon RL-328S and RL-328SK, at first glance you can see they look more modern, stronger, curvier, tougher than ever yet they retain the classic design details which instantly identifies them as the best selling RL-328 from the Rexon RL-300 range. The Rexon RL-300 range has been working in the UK since 2005 with many of the radios originally sold in 2005 still in service. The basic RL-328S and SK technology is rock solid, tested and proven and developed over 10 years of constant improvement, as some discard analogue radio altogether or introduce new cheaper models of unproven service record, Rexon simple develops the RL-328 series to its pinnacle of excellence. Common to both the Rexon RL-328S and Rexon RL-328SK is the following.

A new revised even "tighter" receiver circuit gives up to -6 dB greater receive sensitivity capability than before whilst removing any splashes of white noise or interference from computers and data terminals.

The RL-328 has revised and tougher on/off volume switches and semi embedded aerial sockets make for an even more reliable RL-328S and SK. A thicker more textured case shrugs off knocks and scrapes and shields the internal electronics from even the most severe drops and knocks

Even louder audio from the revised audio circuitry, giving 500 mW output at a low ohmic value (the equivalent of some other radios audio at 1000mW), the Rexon RL-328 sounds as loud as radios claiming double the audio output. Uniquely the Rexon has a depth of bass in the audio not found in many radios, many of which sound tinny (where the treble takes precedence), the Rexon RL-328 has a rounded audio.

Enhanced display with an 8 digit backlit LCD with two further lines of information icons, the RL-328 gives the user all the information they need to use the Rexon RL328S and SK to the very best of its capabilities. Intuitive icons give indication of priority channel, BCLO, CTCSS, DCS, 2/5 tone signalling on channel, DTMF on channel, monitor activated (ctcss or dcs over ride), keypad locked, time out time activated, battery reserve/charge indication (3 systems), radio transmitting, RSSI indication for strength of TX or RX signal, VOX activated, high or low power set, power saving activated, home channel indication, scrambler on(if fitted), channel scan activated.

Even tougher, we tested the RL-328S and SK along side the new game changing RL-D800 and repeated all the original tests we did on the original Rexon RL-328 some nine years or so ago. It is fair to say that the RL-D800 bettered the RL-328 in terms of the shear number of drops sustained until the RL-328S radio was considered normally beyond economical repair but only by a factor of a few percent and in most cases it was the LCD that eventually cracked or broke but the radio kept working (and remained repairable within our fixed cost repair scheme).

The even more crucial factor is that despite the drops and the soakings (up to and a bit beyond IP55) the RL-328S was able to be repaired within a sensible price bracket, so much so that we guarantee that any Rexon RL-328S or SK radio sold will also benefit from a guaranteed 6 year fixed low cost service warranty, with a maximum repair cost of £79.00 whether mechanical or electrical or both combined, fixed cost repair charges start at only £29.00 plus vat.

Bluetooth can be fitted internally via a special expansion port MCU or externally via Rexon's own external dongle (which can be supplied to fit any make or model of two way radio handset), the radio can be operated on Bluetooth on press to talk or uniquely on VOX, as we understand matters the RL328S and RL328SK are the only analogue radios which can be dealer programmed to operate with Bluetooth on VOX hands free (2014/15 versions only).

Safety is a big issue and the Rexon RL328+ and S five button models and full keypad K & SK come fully loaded, failsafe loan worker, emergency call, PTT ident, User identification, external GPS mic compatible all able to be operated using multiple 5 tone selcall formats and or dtmf signalling, 2 tone is available also. The Rexon RL328S, K and SK has one of the most flexibly channel, selcall, scanning capability and can be configured to operate on simple small systems of a few operators or literally hundreds of operators.

Features include • 16 groups of 16 channels up to 256 channels (99 for plus and K) all of which can be scanned • 2 & 5 Tone selcall* • DTMF : enc/dec • Channel scan - busy/priority/dual • MIL Spec 810 C, D, E & F: IP54/55 • PTT ident: 2tone/5tone/dtmf • Full side button selcall : 5tone with call alarm • BCLO : BTLO : TOT : TOTP • Power save • Squelch level setting • Lone worker • Emergency call • • VOX • DCS • CTCSS • Hi/Low power • 5/8* digit LCD with 1 or 2 lines of information icons• Bluetooth audio capability*

The RL328 Plus, S, K & SK comes complete with an RL328 body, 1600, 1700, 2100, 2400 or 3000 MAh Lithium Ion/Poly battery, Heavy duty belt clip, fast charge pod, UK PSU plug pack, aerial and user manual.

All RL328 models are UK specific order only

 *S/SK models

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