All Rexon RL300 series radios are tested to MIL 810 C, D, E & F standards and meet or surpass IP55, IP56 or IP57. Rexon UK go much further in testing the quality, toughness and ruggedness of any Rexon two way radio. The Rexon RL328E & EX models are tested like no other.   

The new Rexon RL-300 & RL-D800 has undergone the same tests...... and more. 

Where do you go to REALLY test a quality pmr radio?

You could visit a test house, pay several thousands of pounds (then pass that cost back to the end user) and have a scientific result which is acceptable on paper but missed the point completely in terms of real day to day use and abuse.

Alternatively you could severely test the radio, you could spend a few days designing tests yourself, then have the energy and inclination to carry out these tests.

This is exactly what we did and we call the tests the RUK Extreme Tests (RUKET - a word play on wreck it) and they are extreme.


We took one Rexon RL328 at random out of a delivery of around 200 radios (middle picture, Serial Number 94090688), we climbed to the top of the mountain (immediately above) to an area we call the "Devils Tunnel" we then dropped the radio down 270 feet of almost vertical ledges (each ledge is between 12 and 20 feet apart). The rock on the Isle of Harris is amongst the oldest and hardest in the world. The RL328 is so incredibly tough that it survived the drop, with the exception of the on/off switch (bottom picture), which was repaired within 24 hours. The radio is still in service today.

The day before we carried out the above extreme drop tests we had subjected the same Rexon RL328 radio to deliberate, sustained and severe abuse way beyond that which any normal industrial or commercial end user would expect to subject their own radio to. Again to keep costs down we used facilities which are readily available to anyone, however we do not suggest you carry out these tests with any other make of two way radio you may currently operate - you will definitely break them, we did, when we had the same tests carried out on many other makes and models of two way radio.

We wanted to inflict the severest wear and tear on the Rexon RL328 we could think of, any abuse had to be controlled and able to be repeated. We decided to set our own heat, moisture, water, shock and vibration tests. You be the judge of how severe these tests are and how good the Rexon RL328 actually is. One previous reader commented that these tests could be called MIL Specification 810 "Z", we agree.

We took the same Rexon RL328 (serial Number 94090688) to the local sports centre, said sports centre having a state of the art health suite complete with sauna and steam room, both known to be extremely hot and extremely humid. We chose an late Saturday Night as we knew the sports centre would be quiet, indeed almost empty.

We then took the same RL328 into the steam room, placed it on the floor about six inches away from the super heated jet of steam that operates in many modern steam rooms, the front grill of the Rexon RL328 was facing the jet of steam. The jet of steam is so severe you dare not sit on the seat that is directly above the steam jet as it burns your legs. We boiled the Rexon RL328 for a further 40 to 50 minutes or so and carried out the same drop tests as we did in the Sauna. The Rexon RL328 did not fail either in transmit or Receive nor did we break its case, lcd or switches, indeed the case showed remarkably little damage for such severe abuse. So we did both the sauna and the steam room tests all over again.

The RL328 was extremely hot, even after we had bounced it of the very hard tiled floor of the sauna / steam room area for the second time, to cool it off we put it into the needle point shower for about two minutes, speaker grill up to the shower. We literally hosed it down, the Rexon RL328 was still operational after almost four hours of the most severe deliberate abuse we could think of.

As we said before, don't try these tests with any other two way radio, we have, they broke beyond repair and that was before we dropped them 270 feet down a Scottish mountain.

(Picture above/right), The RL328E enduring the same extreme tests. The new bluetooth equipped RL328S has also completed these tests

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