Rexon dealers are selected on the basis that they are willing to offer a first class and priority Rexon product service and support facility above and beyond the normal call of duty. In other words compete with other brands not other Rexon dealers!

Putting the record straight.

Rexon in the UK have dealers normally able and willing to service the whole of the UK, each dealer has a region in which they are required to offer a first class service & repair facility to their in region end users and customers. Only where there is no Rexon dealer in a region or no dealer in the next nearest region willing to supply an end user will Rexon UK supply directly to an end user.  

We refuse some companies/organisations a dealership for three reasons, these are:-

1. We already have at least one professional dealer in the region whom we know can service and support Rexon products to our high standard.

2. A company or organisation in any region wishing to be a Rexon dealer who cannot or will not give an undertaking to service/repair any Rexon radio within four working days of reciept of the damaged radio or not make a full charge for the repair! (this lack of service capability is the most common reason why we do not award a dealership), indeed some dealers regularly take three weeks to repair a radio and will seek to charge an extra fee for repairing a radio any quicker.

3. We are unconvinced that the dealer in question genuinely wishes to support the Rexon brand (this is the second most common reason why we refuse a dealership) 

Spare parts, accessories and repairs/service can be purchased by ANY end users from ANY Rexon approved dealer. For the nearest Rexon dealer in and around your area please email

Rexon UK manufacture and distribute radios which are designed by dealers for dealers & demanding end users. Rexon two way radios are specifically designed to meet and surpass dealer and end user requirments. 

We constantly listen to serious professional dealers and demanding end users. We design, develop, service and repair our radios on the basis of what we are told and asked. The message is clear we design radios for use by YOU.

With the purchase of any Rexon two way radio you get access to a non conflicting, dedicated distribution/sales/service chain, you get top quality "no quibble" professional equipment. 

Finally by buying from your local Rexon dealer you aquire the only PBR brand that guarantees a maximum 5 day* repair time or the repair is FOC! 

For more information call: 01752 777788 


 * A maximum of 7 working days if the radio has to be returned to Rexon UK and is a digital radio.