We want to offer all Rexon end users the best possible service, back up and support at great value. We only supply dealers and agent who we know can meet our exacting standards.

Rexon RL328 - so good the competition want it!

Buyer Enquiry - Global sources

Date - 16th Jan 2007

From - Maxoncic Europe Ltd

From - Richard French

Product selected - 6688 - RL - 328

Buyers Message - My company is interested in the above product (and maybe the 400 - 470 version also) Could you please provide me with any further information you have on this product as well as the price for sample(s)

Please reply to - Mr Richard French, Product Manager, Maxoncic Europe, Maxon House, Cleveland Road, Hemel Hampstead, HP2 7EY, Herts, United Kingdom.

We initially accepted this "enquiry" as a huge compliment and testement to the high quality and functionality of the Rexon RL328 that we at Rexon UK have designed into the Rexon RL328E & RL328 EX (now replaced with the higher specification Rexon RL-328S and SK).

Rexon UK achieves and maintains the highest economically possible levels of customer and dealer support and service by ONLY dealing with Rexon UK approved dealers and agents in dedicated fully supported regions. This is achieved by keeping all our overheads low, our standards sky high and by retaining dedicated staff who have decades of pmr knowledge. Standards which ensure that Rexon UK customers benefit from a level of quality, value, advice, support and service that is without match.

Rexon UK does does not allow "re-badging" of products and will not allow any degradation of the quality of the physical product, service, support or future model & brand development and enhancement, needless to say we DID NOT supply Maxoncic

As we at Rexon UK keep saying, the difference between Evolution and REvoltion is REXON. We're not happy merely evolving, our radios are revolutionary, (as we suspect Maxoncic Europe Ltd have heard) and we think they are "possibly amongst the best two way radio's in the world". Don't take our word for it call the number below for free "accurate, freindly and professional" advice.



Some times it is hard to separate but it needn't be expensive! Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side! 

Our onward business philosophy is all about change and our marketing drive is (albeit somewhat tongue in cheek) all about separation and divorce from the old makes, models and standards and on to something newer and better, with the new range of Rexon Digital products we know we have something very positive to offer.

We want to offer the best service possible to our end user customers, who by coincidence are also you, the professional dealer, end user customer. We want to work with dealers, not dealers working for us. 

Existing or new PMR dealers, We have secure regions available. We usually only appoint one dealer per region, we will not normally appoint another dealer in your region nor will we develop any sub-agents or sales outlets in your region.

We are looking for would be PMR/DMR dealers who are progressive, open minded, resourceful in their sales presentation, very supportive of their clients real needs and most importantly honest, reliable, willing, able and ready to get fully behind the Rexon brand. In return we "guarantee" to keep your designated area or region as exclusive to you as possible.

Some of the benefits are:-

Secure region/area - subject to minimum standards

New analogue hand held and mobile models including digital and air band

New digital hand held and mobile models DMR RL-D800 professional hand portable is now available in the UK

Exclusivity of supply

Exclusivity of technical support

Exclusivity of marketing support

Faster and lower cost repairs,  were aiming to get a digital radio repair costs down to no more than an analogue radio repair

Forget emailing, we want to talk to you, call 01752 777788 and ask for Shaun, George or John