We believe there is a future for analogue two way radio, it often sounds better, is easier to test, service and cheaper to repair so our dealers won't push you into digital. Instead we have asked them to discuss all the Rexon options available to you the end user including planned analogue to digital pathways.

The new for the UK Rexon RL300 analogue range, The RL300 case/cabinet was originally developed to be an IP67 compact dPMR hand portable, however the analogue receiver was found to be exceptional in analogue mode with only marginal enhancement whilst operating in dPMR. The decision was made to put an analogue version of that radio into production first, a radio that performed superbly in terms of receiver sensitivity (possibly the most important part of any two way radio system operation); was incredibly well made with simple but with extraordinarily reliable components (able to operate at twice the rated TX power as standard) and serviceable.

The Rexon RL300 is a compact professional analogue radio available in both UHF and VHF which carries on the Rexon tradition of offering outstanding battery capacity and performance. The new RL300 range comes as standard with a truly massive 2600 Mah lithium Ion battery and 28 hours of operation (possibly the second most important aspect of any two way radio system operation).

Water proof - IP67 water proof to 1 Meter for 30 minutes.

♦ Superb receiver can outpace some digital radios.

♦ MIL Spec 810 C, D, E, F

Low energy consumption processor and circuits

♦ Massive twin circuit 2600 Mah Lithium Ion battery, up to28 hours usage on full power at a 5/5/90 duty cycle!

♦ Compact ergonomically designed for digital cabinet/case with a deeper than standard audio chamber for truly loud clear audio, rated at 1000mW

♦ Digitally coded squelch (DCS) & CTCSS & DTMF PTT Ident.




♦ Heavy duty alloy chassis

Heavy duty screw into the chassis belt clip.

♦ M1 2 pin audio accessory port with screw in cover (huge selection of audio accessories)

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