A clever and unique radio designed to operate high and clear on the body of the user so as to give upto 16 times more receiver capability. Designed for the PMR446 and UK professional General Licence market place

The new and totally unique RL-120 shoulder radio, the first fully functional radio designed to be worn on the shoulder giving a 16dB enhancement on transmission signals! Of course with its highly tuned receiver circuit and tuned PMR446 and 449 aerial a 6 to 9 dB enhancement of the received signal can also be expected.

Body worn radios, traditionally on the belt, often have their aerials touching or close to touching the body of the user. A body acts as an attenuator to radio signals and as such 3, 6, 9 or even 12 dB of signal strength can be effectively lost through the body.

Height always plays an important part in receiving a radio signal, thus the higher the radio on the body the more likely a radio signal will be received, a radio worn comfortably at shoulder height will receive radio signals that a body worn radio at waist height will not.

Our shoulder worn radio is aimed at the PMR446 market where power is limited legally to 0.5 of a watt erp (effective radiated power), with a highly tuned receiver circuit, a lower loss PMR446 aerial and the radio worn high on the shoulder and away from the body, then a 16db gain is possible giving unparalleled and LEGALLY MUCH BETTER COVERAGE ON PMR446.

The Rexon RL-120 comes standard in a high level water resistant IP55; however an IP56 and IP57 water proof versions are available.

The RL-120 has a massive 256 channels all of which will be programmed onto the eight pmr446 frequency channels each channel will then be programmed with a unique ctcss or dcs privacy code, giving the end user a full and instantly available 256 channel/privacy code combinations as against the usual 8, 16 or 32 instantly available channels. Simply put even in the most congested of pmr446 areas, such as town centres, you should be able to find a private and usable channel.

The RL-120 utilises a Flash MCU which enables software and firmware upgrades, it also allows for memory to be used to give channel voice announcement.

Rugged and durable, The RL-120 meets Mil Spec 810 C, D, E, F and IP55 as standard, IP 56 and IP 57 water proof RL-120's are available to order. Why only IP 55? Lets get this clear and correct from inception, the internal 1300 Mah Lithium Ion battery is installed inside the highly water resistant IP 55 RL-120 case, to change the battery you/we need to open the case, this is an easy process for the end user in IP 55 guise, in IP 56 and IP 57 guise this process must be completed by a Rexon dealer as a level of checking seals and re-sealing may need to be completed (on IP56 and IP57 RL120 radios an additional cost of £8.00 is levied for this service over the normal cost of the battery). The RL-120 operates on a 3.7V 1300 Mah battery system and as such we limit the internal power output to 1 watt which with a tuned aerial gives exactly 0.5 watt erp. Restricting the power output to only 1.0 watt we insure a long life span for the battery, low heat generated in the body of the radio which leads to better reliability.

UK general versions are planned and will be available; the power will be increased to 1.5 watts internal power output to the aerial which with a super tuned aerial we expect the actual erp to be 1.0 to 1.25 watts. The average full power PMR radio has a given internal maximum power output of 4 watts however the standard supply wide band (covering 400 - 470MHz in UHF and 136 to 174MHZ in VHF) aerials are normally quite inefficient losing 3 or 6 dB of the effective radiated power(erp), typically at a 3dB loss this effectively reduces the erp of the radio to 2.0 watts, at 6 dB this reduces the erp of the radio to 1.0 watt. However on the receiver side of the RL-120 which is designed to receive only a narrow band of UK general licence frequencies along with its highly tuned aerial specifically tuned to those exact UK general frequencies not only do we expect actual power outputs to be similar to the average standard full power 4 watt radio but with the RL-120's super tuned receiver and aerial we expect substantial performance gains from such a compact, handy, low cost radio.